The Runts is a group made up of Coco and Tomas they made there team becuase they are best friends and there both runts. There catch phrase is RUNTS RULE. Coco and Tomas have been best friends ever sence Tomas was born Coco and Tomas make a great team no body can beat them alone. But Juarez would be a match for them if he attacked them but Juarez would NEVER EVER NEVER EVER attack hes kids. Sometimes Tomas gets annoyed that Xena bugs Coco all the time she NEVER STOPS. Tomas trys to bug Furball but it most of the time dosent work but sometimes Tomas bugs Furball like nuts but Coco dosent bug Furball like nuts. Coco dosent bug anybody exept when she is always saying shes AWESOME. The Runts are the perfect team they can beat almost any one.